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    Why should I choose a magnetic technology over an optical one?

    Magnetic encoders’ technology has evolved dramatically in the last 10 years.

    Starting with low accuracy applications, such as cranes, moving stairs or elevators, which required encoders to operate at harsh, dirty environments, the more advances suppliers can now offer linear scales accuracies of up to ±3µ/m or rotary accuracies of up to few seconds. With the ability to operate at very low temperatures and up to 125 Deg, as well as Mil grade shocks, vibration and accelerations, this technology is now a perfect fit for most applications that one would not consider few years ago.

    Even max resolutions are now much better. We are able to supply magnetic encoders with resolutions up to 20nm.

    Why should I choose optical technology for my encoder?

    When an application requires very high resolution (below 100nm), high accuracies (linear accuracy of 1-3um per meter) or a low SDE (Sub Divisional Error), there is still no replacement for an optical encoder. Wesense is the Israeli partner of Micro-E, a world leader in design and manufacture of high performance, small form-factor optical encoders.

    With resolutions up to 1.2nm and accuracies of up to 1um/m, there is still no threat from the magnetic encoder technology on the optical one, when a customer requires such high performance products

    Do I need to design my own PCB when I want to purchase the iC Haus encoder components?…

    iC Haus, as the world leader in design and supply of IC’s, will be happy to either guide you with the design guidelines of your board. Another option is that you would prepare a Technical Specifications and iC Haus would, for one time NRE, make the complete design for you.

    We can also offer you to make the electronic assembly of the PCB, if you wish.

    What are the advantages of using your On Axis encoders over the competitors?

    There are few main advantages:

    1.We offer standard, off the shelf, max resolution of 14 Bit, compared to the 13 Bit offered by our competitors

    2.We are backed up by iC Haus, the manufacturer of the IC. As the world leader in the design and manufacture of such IC, there are new products coming to the market every year. As such, we constantly strive for better performance and do not use the same IC for 10 years.

    3.With the units being assembled in India, local defense customers can benefit from offset abilities if required in India

    4.Oh, and as important – we are lower costs!

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