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    As we have been involved with most of the types of the motion applications, both in Israel and abroad, we, in Wesense Motion, understand that offering our customers to open the catalogue and chose a product, is not the right thing to do.

    Each application should be treated differently. In some cases, there may be more than one solution to the encoder you need. As such, we do not send quotations to our customer without meeting them first, understanding their technical needs and offering different solutions.

    A customer looking for a linear incremental encoder may think that an optical one is the only and perfect solution for his needs. However, with the advanced technology our magnetic encoder supplier is using, we may convince the customer to use a linear, high accuracy magnetic encoder, that is less sensitive to contamination, has a broader installation tolerances, and on many cases – lower cost compared to optical one.

    The same goes with the requirement for sealed encoder. With the right mechanical design, there may not be a need for a sealed encoder (which is usually more expensive), but a non-contact encoder can do the same job at lower cost and smaller size.

    In the following pages, we’ll review some of the technologies we offer with respect to the different applications they fit into.

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