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    The new absolute measuring head AKS17 and the associated scales and rings BOGEN offers inexpensive magnetic linear and rotary measurement solutions for absolute measurements. The AKS17 provides linear measurements up to 2350 mm and rotational solutions both radially and axially, ranging from 133-980mm OD. The measuring head provides both BISS-C or SSI as output, plus incremental signal output in parallel and UVW.

    With a resolution of 21-24 bits this hollow shaft sensor surpasses typical shaft end applications many times over. With dimensions of 28 mm in length, 16 mm width at a maximum height of 6.6 mm, the measuring head is extremely compact.

    • Lower case incremental.
    • 21 to 24 Bit absolute resolution.
    • 16 Bit incremental resolution.
    • Single piece unit.
    • No wear from usage.
    • Resistant to dust, cooling lubricant emulsion, oil, etc.
    • Different diameters and length offered.
    • Application for Industrial Goods, Automation, Life Science and High-Tech Industry.

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